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JZBZ Queen Cell Cups 50 Count

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  • Smoky color enables superior visibility of larvae
  • Elliptical pushpin, which tightens as you turn it in the cell bar
  • Mounts easily in most grooved top bar frames

 JZBZ Queen Cell Cups: Rear Your Own Queens


If you are interested in rearing your own queen bees, these JZBZ Queen Cell Cups are just the cups for you. These wide base cell cups are the best selling cups in the world. Their smoky color contrasts with any larvae, giving you great visibility when grafting. They are perfectly designed to mount easily in most grooved top bar frames.

If you are looking for other equipment for rearing queen bees, be sure to check out our high-quality Jzbz queen clips, which come in metal and plastic, or our queen bee marking pens. We also carry a variety of queen excluders to suit your needs.