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Plastic Bee Feeder | Plastic Boardman Feeder with Lid


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Efficiently feed your honey bee colonies with our Plastic Boardman Feeder. Ensure optimal nutrition and hive vitality. Choose our quality plastic bee feeder!

More Details on Our Plastic Bee Feeder with Lid:

This is the ideal compact and economical feeder for new beekeepers or smaller-scale backyard beekeepers. It’s so easy to use and even easier to monitor. When paired with our plastic quart jar, sold separately, you’ll be able to see the feed levels without disturbing your hive. Fits into the entrance of your hive to keep your bees fed when nectar supplies may be low. Includes a plastic feeder and 70 mm punched cap. Fits into the entrance of your hive Includes 70 mm punched cap Fits with our glass quart jar, sold separately

Weight .25 lbs

Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in