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Ross Round Honeycomb Super Kits


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Step Up Your Comb Honey Production With This Ross Round Comb Honey Kit


  • Each super makes 28 sections
  • Container designed for straightforward installation and removal
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Choose From 10 or 8 Frame


This Ross Round comb honey kit is the definition of Comb Section honey. The advantage of this type of production is that it reduces the amount of equipment you will need to process your crop.  The container installed in the super is what is removed and sold. When the Round Section is full, you pop it out, place two of the hard plastic covers in place, and use one of the labels, available separately, to secure the covers in place.

The ross round 10 frame super is made up of 8 frames. The 8 frame is made up of 7 plastic frames. Each frame has two halves, which snap together. Each half frame holds 4 rings, which, when snapped together around a piece of foundation, will make 4 sections. Each finished section is actually two rings around the foundation. When the bees fill the rings with comb and honey, they become one unit. The plastic frames are held in place by two or three super springs and a follower board.

This kit features a special 4 1/2" tall super to minimize burr comb. This kit comes fully assembled (10 frame includes 64 rings and 8 frames, 8 frame includes 56 rings and 7 frames). We recommend using 3 7/8” Thin Foundation for optimal results. Each super requires eight sheets of foundation. Note: Ross Round Covers, Thin Foundation and labels sold separately.

This kit works great in conjunction with our Ross Round labelsRoss Round opaque covers, and Ross Round crystal covers.


Weight 15 lbs

Dimensions 21 × 16.5 × 5 in

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8 Frame Ross Round Kit, 10 Frame Ross Round Kit