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Stainless Steel Double Wall Wax Melting Pot


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Start Making Your Own Candles Today With This Stainless Steel Beeswax Melting Pot


  • Made with double stainless steel walls
  • Exterior opening for water
  • Built-in stem for easy steam release

Use of Wax Melting Pot:

This stainless steel beeswax melting pot is the ideal accessory for all your wax-related projects. It’s perfect for candle making, foundation making, or plain old waxing. The pot has double stainless steel walls, and can be filled with water through an exterior opening. With this melting pot, scorch-free wax making is made simple and enjoyable.

Use your own beeswax, or try it out with our 100% pure Natural Beeswax Pearls.  If you’re interested in other DIY projects, check out our Honey Harvesting Kit or our Honey Gate for honey bucket and honey bottling.

Weight 1.75 lbs

Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 in

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the primary use of this Stainless Steel Beeswax Melting Pot?
This melting pot is designed for various wax-related activities such as candle making, foundation making, and waxing. It's a versatile accessory that helps simplify the process of melting beeswax.

2. What are the key features of this Beeswax Melting Pot?
The pot is made with double stainless steel walls for efficient heating. It also has an exterior opening for water and a built-in stem for easy steam release. This ensures a scorch-free and enjoyable wax-making experience.

3. Can I use my own beeswax with this melting pot?
Yes, you can use your own beeswax. You also have the option to use our 100% pure Natural Beeswax Pearls, which are available separately.

4. What are the dimensions and weight of the Beeswax Melting Pot?
The melting pot measures 7.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 inches and weighs 1.75 lbs.

5. Are there any other DIY projects that would work well with this melting pot?
Absolutely! If you're interested in other DIY projects involving honey, we also offer a Honey Harvesting Kit and a Honey Gate for honey bucket and honey bottling.