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Wood-Trimmed Metal Queen Excluder | 10 and 8 Frame Queen Excluder


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Create a Queen-Free Hive Zone with Our Sturdy Wood-Trimmed Metal Best Queen Excluder

Features of our 10 and 8 Frame Queen Excluder:

  • Robust construction prevents bending and distortion.
  • Smooth, polished finish
  • Crafted from welded wire and high-quality pine
  • Choose 8 Frame or 10 Frame


Our wood-trimmed metal queen excluder ensures your queen stays separate from your honey super while allowing worker bees to move freely. This top-notch queen excluder stops the queen bee from laying eggs inside the honey super, making honey harvesting a breeze. Designed with bee safety in mind, this hive accessory won't harm bee exoskeletons as they navigate through the different layers of your hive.