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Wood and Metal Entrance Mason Jar Bee Feeder

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Wooden Boardman Mason Jar Bee Feeder: Make Feeding Easy

Enhance your beekeeping setup with a reliable Wood Boardman Mason Jar Bee Feeder. Provide nourishment and support for your bees' thriving hive.

Features of our Wood and Metal Entrance Mason Jar Bee Feeder:

  • Includes a perforated metal cap
  • The lid included with the feeder
  • Holds a normal mason jar


This wooden Boardman entrance feeder is a great feeder for beehives of all sizes. It slips easily between the bottom board and brood chamber for a snug, secure fit. It comes with a perforated metal cap, which fits a standard mason jar. With this feeder, the feed level is visible at all times, and you can even refill without opening the hive. This is the perfect feeder for late spring, summer, and early fall.

In addition to this Boardman entrance feeder, we also sell an Economy Beehive Entrance Feeder. If you are looking for a top feeder instead, we carry a Ceracell 2.5  Gallon Top Feeder.

Weight .64 lbs

Dimensions 5.5 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the Wooden Boardman Entrance Feeder used for?
The Wooden Boardman Entrance Feeder is designed to provide nourishment and support for thriving bee hives. It makes feeding easy by fitting between the bottom board and the brood chamber of the beehive.

Q2. Can I use a mason jar with the Wood and Metal Entrance Feeder for bees?
Yes, it is typically fit for bee feeder mason jar. It comes with a perforated metal cap that fits a standard mason jar, making it an ideal mason jar bee feeder.

Q.3 How can I monitor the feed level in the Boardman entrance feeder?
With the Wooden Boardman entrance feeder, the feed level is visible at all times, thanks to its design that uses a mason jar. Moreover, it allows for refilling without having to open the hive.

Q4. Is the Wooden Boardman entrance feeder suitable for all sizes of beehives?
Yes, the wooden Boardman entrance feeder is a versatile jar feeder for bees, suitable for beehives of all sizes. It ensures a snug and secure fit by slipping easily between the bottom board and brood chamber.

Q5. Besides the Boardman entrance feeder, what other types of feeders are available for purchase?
In addition to the Boardman entrance feeder, there is also an Economy Beehive Entrance Feeder available. For those looking for a top feeder, there's the Ceracell 2.5 Gallon Top Feeder.

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