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Wooden Beehive Inner Cover | Provides Suitable Ventilation


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Maintain hive insulation and ventilation with our Wooden Beehive Inner Cover. Ensure hive protection and optimal beekeeping conditions. Shop today!

Our Wooden Beehive Inner Cover Provides Suitable Ventilation For Your Bees

Features of our Wooden Beehive Inner Cover:

  • Available for 5, 8 or 10-frame hives
  • Durable wooden frame
  • Designed to provide proper hive ventilation


Our durable wooden beehive inner cover allows for proper ventilation and good working space in your hive. Made with a wooden frame and inner liner that is set with grooves, this inner cover sits on top of the topmost hive body and underneath the telescoping top cover. With a bee escape device in the hole, this inner cover can also be used to clear bees from a super prior to harvesting honey. When used in this manner, the inner cover is called an escape board. The board is placed beneath the hive body to be cleared of bees. A pair of light springs on the escape board acts as a one-way door, through which bees can pass in only one direction. The escape board can be used as a nonchemical means of clearing bees from a super.

If you’re interested in a mesh inner cover rather than this wooden one, check out our Screened Inner Cover.  We also sell wire mesh on its own if you need to replace a damaged screened inner cover.