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Wooden Pollen Trap - Fits Both 8 Frame And 10 Frame Hives.


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Effortlessly Collect Pollen with Our Durable Wooden Bee Hive Pollen Trap

Key Features:

  • Fits Both 8 Frame and 10 Frame Hives
  • Includes a GAP FILLER for 10 frame hives.
  • Efficient Collection Tray
  • Constructed from High-Quality Yellow Pine
  • Premium Select Grade Wood for Enhanced Durability
  • Convenient Edge Hooks for Simple Attachment
  • Designed to Last for Years

Product Use:

We have stopped producing The 10 Frame Pollen Trap. The 8-frame version will work on the 10-frame just fine. After you mount the trap on your 10-frame hive, make sure to use the gap filler on either side of the trap if you mount it in the middle of the landing board. If mounted on one side or the other of the landing board close off the opening as needed.

Our wooden entrance pollen trap offers an easy solution for beekeepers to gather and collect pollen. This device is strategically placed over the hive entrance, requiring foraging bees to pass through narrow openings. As bees enter the hive, these openings gently remove some of the pollen pellets from their legs, which are then collected in the trap's tray. This method allows for efficient pollen collection without causing disturbance to the bee colony.

In addition to our wooden model, we also offer a plastic version of the entrance pollen trap. For those requiring a more robust option, consider our Sundance Pollen Trap.

Product Specifications:

Weight: 3.00 lbs 

Dimensions: 9 x 12.62 x 3.75 inches (8 Frame)