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Beginner Beekeeping Kits

Beekeeping is a relaxing hobby that also provides you and your family with delicious honey. You will also be contributing to saving the bees. Whether you are looking to start a small personal colony or start a beekeeping business, Blythewood Bee Company beginner beekeeping kits are an excellent place to begin your journey. Our starter kits are available in either eight-frame or ten-frame options and come fully assembled. The only work on your part is adding paint and a package of bees, of course! Along with the assembled hive, our beginner beekeeping kits provide all the necessary tools and protective equipment needed to safely protect you and your bees.


  • Comprehensive Kits: Includes all basic tools such as a bee suit, gloves, smoker, hive tool, and instructional materials to help you get started.
  • Hive Kits: Comes with pre-assembled or easy-to-assemble hives, complete with frames and foundation to kickstart your colony.
  • Protective Gear Kits: Focused on safety, these kits offer protective clothing and accessories to ensure you are fully equipped to handle bees safely.


  • Tool Options: Choose kits with different tool combinations to suit your specific needs and preferences.
  • Hive Types: Options include different hive types like Langstroth, top-bar, or Warre, depending on what best fits your beekeeping goals.
  • Educational Resources: Each kit includes beginner-friendly resources to guide you through the setup and maintenance of your first hive.