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Swarm Commander Super Lure

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  • Shelf life of 2 years in original packaging
  • Lasts at least 90 days once applied
  • Totally safe for your bees

Swarm Commander Super Lure: Bring Bees To Your Hive

Entice honeybees to your hive with this first of its kind Swarm Commander Super Lure. This lure is made from a patented product that is infused with Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure and will last a minimum of 90 days once applied. Simply open the package and hang it from the top bar of one of your frames. The lure releases pheromones to attract bees to your hive. Our flexible material is safe for bees and can be reused after you have caught a swarm. This product is great for commercial beekeepers.

In addition to this custom lure, we offer Swarm Commander lures in spray bottles and vials. We also carry swarm traps suitable for beekeepers of all levels.

Weight 0.125 lbs

Dimensions 4 × 5 × 1 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Kim Wheeler
BEST Lure!

BEST Lure! Everyone told me to order it and when I finally did...caught a swarm 5 days later!

Kenneth Simmons
Very Dependable

Received my bee attractant, but was unable to use it due to cold, rainy weather.However, when I did get better spring temps, I put it in my Nuc and waited. It didnt take long! Bingo!

Works good

I put out 12 traps with lures, and I got 4 swarms. There are scout bees all over the other 8 traps. This is my third year of using it with susess.


Really like this one. Hang in tree set swarm trap. You will have more swarms to same location.

Rick Crosby

Swarm Commander Super Lure