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Best Swarm Brand Product

Discover the top-notch selection of Best Swarm brand products at Blythewood Bee Company, specifically designed to help beekeepers effectively manage and capture swarms. Our collection page highlights the premier products from Best Swarm, known for their reliability and effectiveness in supporting beekeepers with swarm management.


  • Swarm Lures: Highly effective attractants that draw swarms to traps or new hives.
  • Swarm Traps: Durable and easy-to-set traps that provide a welcoming environment for swarms looking for a new home.
  • Swarm Capture Kits: Complete kits equipped with all the necessary tools to safely capture and relocate swarms.


  • Lure Formulations: Choose from a range of chemical or natural lure options to best suit your beekeeping practices.
  • Trap Designs: From lightweight and portable to more robust designs, find the perfect trap that meets your specific needs.
  • Kit Components: Kits include nets, protective gear, and containers, ensuring you're fully equipped for any swarm situation.
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    Swarm Commander Super Lure

    Original Price $15.95
    Current Price $13.95

    Features: Shelf life of 2 years in original packaging Lasts at least 90 days once applied Totally safe for your bees Swarm Commander Super Lure:...

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    Original Price $15.95
    Current Price $13.95
    Save 13%