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Ceracell Uncapping Tub - 3 Tubs

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3-Tub uncapping unit with two coarse strainers, honey gate (in the bottom black tub, the color of the honey gate may vary from the photo) and stand. Approx measurement of each tub: 16.53 in x 18.11 x 7.87 inches. Approx overall height with stand: 38.97 inches This is a great piece of equipment. With the three tub system, you get a double coarse filtration of your cappings, plus the generous size of the tubs means you can cope with a large quantity of wax without making a mess. And the stand is designed so that a 5 Gallon bucket sits easily under the honey gate. Add a fine strainer to the top of the bucket to leave clear honey from your cappings in one easy step. When you are finished, it all comes apart easily to clean up, then will nest to a much smaller volume for storage.


Weight 15 lbs

Dimensions 24 × 24 × 30 in

Customer Reviews

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Bridget Downes
Bee Happy

Greg and Marcus went out if their way to help me with this wonderful system. It works remarkably well. Nice ergonomical design and did a nice job of separating cappings from honey. Thanks guys you rock!

John Magoon
Huge upgrade

I have uncapped over a 5 gallon bucket, also over a home made contraption. This uncapping tub is well worth the investment. I am a backyard beekeeper. with 6 hives and this tool makes uncapping no longer a chore.

Frederick Dunn
Well constructed, perfect height, space saving

This uncapping tub-set is excellent for many reasons.

Sturdy, easy to clean tubs that nest easily into one another for shelf storage inside the support frame.

Each tub has a debris screen for trapping cappings and burr comb scrapings.

Tall: the metal stand stands tall enough for me to put a food-grade bucket under it and collect the surplus honey. Solid metal stand, I was impressed.

Bits and pieces of wax and cappings can get through the included strainers, I just rest a large hand-held style stainless steel strainer over the bucket and the process is done.
Very easy clean up, a quality item that you won't be wearing out.

I definitely recommend it for backyard beekeepers without hesitation!

Side-note, if you don't want to rinse away the residual honey, let the honey bees clean up the interior surfaces and then do a final rinse. Use it on hot days 80 deg f, and up.