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Honey Uncapping Tools

Explore our selection of honey uncapping tools at Blythewood Bee Company, designed to efficiently prepare your honeycombs for extraction. Our collection page offers a variety of tools that make uncapping an easier and more productive part of your honey harvest process.


  • Uncapping Knives: Choose from electric and non-electric options. Electric knives heat up to smoothly cut through wax, while non-electric knives offer traditional simplicity.
  • Uncapping Forks: Perfect for scraping off remaining wax caps and reaching areas that are difficult to access with a knife.
  • Uncapping Tanks: Convenient setups that hold frames and collect wax as you uncap, minimizing mess and maximizing workspace efficiency.


  • Automatic Uncappers: For larger operations, automatic uncappers can streamline the process, saving time and labor during harvest.
  • Material Quality: Tools are made from durable stainless steel and food-grade plastics to ensure long-lasting use and cleanliness.
  • Ergonomic Designs: Handles and grips are designed for comfort during extended use, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency.