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10 Pack Beekeeping Barn | Blythewood Bee Co.


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Beetle Barn Hive Beetle TrapFeatures:

  • Clamshell design for easy loading
  • Easy Open & Close
  • Heavy duty plastic for long lasting durability
  • Beetle can get in but bees can’t.


To help control beetles in your hive, place a small piece of Check-Mite or bait of choice in the middle of the beetle barn and close the top. Place the beetle barn on the top of frames or on the bottom board. Honeybees tend to harass hive beetles and the beetles seek refuge in small dark areas.

WARNING: Blythewood Bee Company recommends only approved pesticides be used in hive beetle traps. We cannot and do not suggest the use of Fipronil, Crisco/Boric Acid Blend or any other unapproved product to kill hive beetles inside this trap.

We also carry Clarks Beetle Blocker Shims that keep hive beetles out of your hives as well as Cutt’s Hive Beetle Blasters. We also have Hive Beetle Trap Oil.

You can also check out our blog How To Keep Hive Beetle Out Of Your Hive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
sammy pointer

Great, received product sooner than expected.

Saeed Maghami
Is best

The good thing about that them beetle go inside and dead and wax moth go in below and laying eggs and can go in the frames

Dylan Murphy

10 Pack Beetle Barn Hive Beetle Trap

Not useful at all

These didn't work on any of my hives. I put them in all four of my hives and within days the bees in all my hives had propolized the openings shut so the hive beetles couldn't get in them even if they wanted to. I took them all out and opened them up to see if there were any hive beetles that were trapped inside prior to being propolized in. Not one hive beetle. Maybe you'll have better luck. My bees are Saskatraz in case that makes any difference in their propensity to propolize things.
I have bought the beetle blaster strips you place in between the frames and fill with mineral oil and they work OK. I've also recently bought the Guardian Beetle guards and Clarks beetle shim and hope they do the trick in keeping out those pesky beetles.

Eric Kimmel
bee supplies

received the product