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Honey Bee Queen Rearing Equipment

Explore the dedicated collection of honey bee queen rearing equipment at Blythewood Bee Company, designed to support beekeepers in successfully raising and managing queen bees. Our collection page offers a comprehensive range of tools and kits essential for queen rearing, ensuring you can effectively propagate and sustain the vitality of your bee colonies.


  • Queen Rearing Kits: Complete setups that include all the tools needed to raise queens, from grafting tools to queen cages.
  • Queen Marking Pens: Safely mark your queens to track their age or identify them quickly within the hive.
  • Queen Cages: Securely transport and introduce new queens into your hives without harm.


  • Grafting Tools: Specifically designed to delicately handle larvae during the queen rearing process.
  • Incubators: Provide a controlled environment for queen cells to ensure successful development.
  • Queen Excluders: Ensure that queens do not lay eggs in honey supers, keeping brood and honey production separate.