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Bees In The Hive Coffee Mug


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This Bees In The Hive Coffee Mug Is Ideal For Sipping Coffee On The Way To Your Hive


  • Smooth ceramic material
  • Colorful, sharp design
  • 11oz volume


    Our Bees in the Hive coffee mug is the perfect companion for any early morning trips to your hive. You’ll love sipping your tea or coffee from a mug emblazoned with a couple of friendly honeybees hard at work on the comb. This mug makes a great gift for any beekeeper friends, or as an addition to your own crockery cabinet. Just watch out, you’ll never be able to resist adding a generous spoonful of honey when you’re sipping from this mug.

    If you insist on sweetening up your beverage, make sure to do it with one of our 100% natural honeys. If you’re looking for other great bee-related gifts, we also carry t-shirtscandles, and skincare products.

    Weight .7 lbs

    Dimensions 3.75 × 4.75 × 4.75 in