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Honey Bee Filters / Pails / Gates

Get top-notch honey bee filters, pails, and gates for your beekeeping needs. Our high-quality products ensure efficient honey extraction and hive maintenance.

At Blythewood Bee Company, we understand that the journey from hive to bottle is crucial for maintaining the purity and quality of your honey. That's why our Honey Bee Filters, Pails & Gates collection is meticulously curated to support beekeepers in the final, essential steps of honey processing. Whether you're a seasoned apiarist or a hobbyist, our selection offers the finest tools to ensure your honey is beautifully presented and preserved at its best.


  • Honey Filters: Choose from a variety of filters, including fine mesh and coarse options, to remove impurities and ensure crystal-clear honey.
  • Honey Pails: Available in various sizes, these pails are ideal for storing and handling honey, equipped with tight-sealing lids to maintain freshness.
  • Honey Gates: Essential for controlling the flow of honey during extraction and bottling, our gates provide a leak-free and precise pour.