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Honey Extraction Equipment Collection

The Honey Extraction Equipment Collection offers a diverse range of products to make honey extraction simpler and more efficient for beekeepers, making it one stop for your honey harvesting supplies search.
The collection includes the Civan honey extractor, an easy-to-use device for extracting honey from frames without damaging the combs.
The Deluxe Honey Harvesting Kit features premium tools, such as a Bucket bench pail holder, Comb capper, Electric uncapping knife, etc. enabling professional-level harvesting.
For those just starting, the Basic Honey Harvesting Equipment Kit offers essential tools, such as a Honey gate valve and uncapping fork, etc. that make the process accessible to beginners. This collection caters best honey extraction equipment for sale for all levels, helping them effortlessly harvest the sweet rewards of their hard work.


  • Glass Jars: Choose from classic mason jars, hexagonal jars, and other decorative shapes that enhance the visual appeal of your honey.
  • Bottles: Available in various sizes and styles, including traditional honey bear bottles and sleek, modern designs for a professional look.
  • Lids and Caps: Ensure your honey stays fresh with our selection of secure lids and caps, available in multiple styles and finishes.

Here are our Honey Extraction Equipment: