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5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here
5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here

Basic Honey Harvesting Kit

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Start Harvesting Your Own Honey Today With This Honey Harvesting Starter Kit

Get your honey production up and running with this comprehensive honey harvesting starter kit. This kit has everything you need to start producing your own delicious honey. The kit includes the following pieces of equipment:

  • Food grade 5-gallon bucket
  • Honey gate valve
  • Stainless steel honey strainer
  • Uncapping knife
  • Uncapping fork

Our 5-gallon bucket is great for honey storage prior to bottling. Its handle makes it easy to transport and its wide lid will help you avoid any unnecessary spillages. The honey gate valve is designed for controlled honey transfer. The gate is adjustable so you can control the flow at all times. The honey strainer allows you to filter out unwanted particles and debris from your honey, leaving you with only the purest raw product. The double sieve action of our honey strainer means it catches even more impurities than your average strainer. The uncapping knife is used to remove the white cappings from your honeycomb, and the uncapping fork is specifically designed for those hard-to-reach spots that you can’t get at with your knife.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, check out our Deluxe Honey Harvesting Kit.


Weight 8 lbs

Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 in

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Bucket leaks from spout.