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  • The Beekeeper's Guide to Supers
    June 12, 2020 Scott Derrick

    The Beekeeper's Guide to Supers

    What are supers? Bees use supers to store honey, pollen and brood. Supers come in varying heights and sizes. A deep-sized super is 9-5/8” in height and can weigh 90 pounds when full. A medium-sized super is three-fourths the capacity of...

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  • Put Down That Banana, Beekeeper
    August 14, 2017 Scott Derrick

    Put Down That Banana, Beekeeper

    It’s early April, and dusk is settling in. At odd moments throughout the day, you’ve found yourself pausing to admire the spring flowers, winking open their petals to the warming day, splashing the fields and gardens with purple crocus, butter-yellow calendula and cherry-pink milkweed.

    What better time to check on the bees.

    They’ve been cooped up all winter, doing little else than surviving. Or so you hope – last year, you opened the hive to find heartbreak: dozens of little bodies littering the comb, the brood chambers run afoul with the varroa mite, dread king of honey bee pests.

    It’s been a long day though, and you’re famished. As your stomach growls a need, your eyes catch the fruit bowl on the dining table. Striding over, your hand reaches, hovers, grabs…

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