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Acorn| 9-1/8 Heavy Waxed Foundation (100 Count Case)

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Top-rated (Deep Wax Foundation) Acorn Heavy Waxed Foundation: The Ideal Choice for Your Hive

Experience the Leading Plastic Foundation on the Market Today

Features of our Acorn Heavy Waxed Foundation:

  • Thick wax coating for easy colony acceptance
  • Black or White Acron Heavy Waxed Foundation options
  • Box of 100 Sheets
  • Premium plastic construction
  • Accurately molded cells for optimal honeycomb formation
  • Ultra-sturdy, non-warping design


When it comes to providing a reliable foundation for your bees to build their honeycomb, look no further than the Acorn heavy-waxed foundation. Boasting deeper and more distinct cells than rival products, this foundation is coated with the heaviest layer of wax in the industry, ensuring rapid adaptation by your colonies. Additionally, each Acorn Heavy Waxed Foundation features a convenient breakaway communication hole for seamless frame navigation.

Select your preferred color at checkout and invest in a robust foundation for your hive.

Weight: 50 lbs