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Layens Hive for Optimal Beekeeping | Blythewood Bee Company


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Layens Hive: The Natural Choice for Beekeepers

Swarm Commander proudly presents the Layens Hive, meticulously designed to align with the natural instincts of honey bees. This hive is a favorite among over a million beekeepers globally for its user-friendly features and biological compatibility with bees.

  • Authentic Tree Hollow Simulation: The Layens Hive replicates the size and environment of natural tree hollows, fostering a more natural and comfortable habitat for bees.
  • Efficient Overwintering and Spring Buildup: Its depth is specially crafted to support bee colonies through winter and encourage vigorous spring development.
  • Horizontal Frame Layout: All frames are aligned horizontally on the same level, eliminating the need to lift heavy supers, thus easing hive management and maintenance.
  • Complete Kit: Each hive comes equipped with a hive body, ready-to-use foundation frames, and a follower board, streamlining the setup process for both novice and experienced beekeepers.

Custom Craftsmanship

Our Layens hives are crafted on demand, ensuring quality and attention to detail. We will notify you when your custom hive is ready for dispatch.

Shipping Information

Shipping is facilitated through freight. The standard shipping cost for the Layens Hive is $300. For residential deliveries requiring a lift gate, an additional fee of $150 applies, totaling $450 for such shipments.

Note: Shipping rates are subject to change based on location and accessibility.