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8 oz Honey Bear Bottles


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  • Non-pasteurized
  • Honey bear-shaped PET container
  • Harvested in South Carolinian Midlands
  • 100% pure, natural, local, and fresh

Adorable and Convenient: 8 oz Honey Bear Bottles


Treat yourself today with 8oz of fresh local honey. Produced right here in the Midlands of South Carolina, this pure, natural honey is harvested by our worker honeybees from the trees and flowers locals pass every day. Here at the Blythewood Bee Company, we choose not to pasteurize our honey, as the process kills most or all of its beneficial nutrients. Instead, following extraction, we strain the honey to remove all particulates so that it is velvety smooth and spreadable, while remaining incredibly fresh and healthy. The color of our honey will change according to seasonal pollen and nectar sources flowing at the time of harvesting. Whether oaky brown or light and golden, we can guarantee that it will always be delicious.

If you’re wondering what the benefits of buying local raw honey are, look no further. The following are merely a few of the reasons; it alleviates allergies, it can be used as an all-natural energy drink, it boosts memory, it acts as a cough suppressant, it can be used to treat wounds and burns, it acts as a sleep aid, and it can even help with dandruff. For further details on all these benefits, go to our website.

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Weight .75 lbs

Dimensions 9 × 8 × 6 in