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Cutt's Beetle Blaster Type Traps - Singles


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Destroy Hive Beetles with Cutt's Hive Beetle Blaster


  • Efficient and eco-friendly hive beetle control
  • Simple to use and disposable
  • Cost-effective pest solution for beekeepers
  • Quality Made


Cutt's Hive Beetle Blaster is an innovative hive beetle trap, designed by Laurence Cutts, a seasoned beekeeper from Florida. This effective trap helps beekeepers manage the pesky Aethina Tumida, commonly known as the small hive beetle. To use the trap, fill it halfway with mineral oil and place it between the top bar frames. As bees chase the beetles, they will seek refuge in the trap. Once full, simply remove and dispose of the trap.

For additional pest control solutions, consider our Hive Beetle Trap Oil and Clark's Beetle Blocker Shim.

Protect your hives from hive beetles – order Cutt's Hive Beetle Blaster today!

Weight .1 oz

Dimensions 9 × 8 × 6 in