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Honey B Gone: Honey Removal Aid


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Introducing Honey-B-Gone - a breakthrough in honey removal that’s efficient and kind to your bees. As a disabled veteran-owned business, we bring you an eco-friendly solution for your beekeeping needs.

Features of Honey B Gone:

  • All Natural: Made with 100% natural oils.
  • Fast and Efficient: Honey-B-Gone clears honey supers swiftly, aiding your honey removal efforts.
  • Disabled Veteran Owned: Our business is proud to be owned by a disabled veteran, contributing to the community.
  • Convenient and Safe: Comes in 8oz and 16oz bottles with adjustable sprayers. Composed of non-toxic, food-grade natural ingredients. 
  • Made in the USA: Manufactured with pride in the USA, ensuring superior quality.

Honey-B-Gone: Superior Honey Removal Aid

Directions For Use:

  1. Prepare: Get your fume board, smoker, beekeeping gear, and Honey B Gone.
  2. Smoke bees: Light smoker and puff smoke at the hive entrance and under the top cover.
  3. Apply product: Put a light coat of Honey B Gone on the fume board's felt side.
  4. Remove covers: Take off the hive's inner and outer covers.
  5. Place fume board: Put it on the hive, felt side down, with corners exposed.
  6. Wait: Bees will leave the honey super in 5-10 minutes.
  7. Harvest: Remove honey super and collect honey if desired.
  8. Replace covers: Put the inner and outer covers back on the hive.


Product Dimensions:

  • 8oz Bottle: Weight 0.5 lbs, Dimensions 8 × 1.75 × 1.75 in
  • 16oz Bottle: Weight 1.00 lbs, Dimensions 8 × 2.75 × 2.75 in
  • 1 Gallon: Weight 10.00 lbs, Dimensions 7 × 7 × 14 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews

Great item. Keeps the bees away without killing them.


This product is not as good as Fishers. We used it on a relatively warm day and couldn't get the bee's to react to it. We switched to Fishers and the bee's went nuts trying to get out. Both products smell the same, but there is something very different about them.

Kyle Downs

It's good stuff.

Patrick DeClerk
Not yet

Hi got the product perfect timing still waiting for the honey to dry out when I know I'll let you know how good your product worked thanks

Rob Dias

Great product, but nozzles are always popping off.