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Our Affiliate Program

Want to make some extra cash for your Blogging or Vlogging? Blythewood Bee Company pays up to 20% commission on products sold on our website by you! If you are a Blogger, YouTuber or other social media giant, we want to help you make money on the products you review. The more you sell, the more you make.

Just sign up, write reviews about our products, link your reviewed products back to our website and watch the commissions start to roll in.

Commission Rate Breakdown:

$1 to $250: 5% Commission
$251 to $500: 7% Commission
$501 to $1000: 10% Commission
$1001 to $1500: 15% Commission
$1501 to $2000: 20% Commission

We provide products free to those social media giants that have over 1000 subscribers or viewers. We want truthful, honest reviews about our products. Some of the products we will send for review, many times haven’t been released to the general public yet. This should help you gain subscribers and traffic while making a monthly commission from us.

Anyone can participate but you must have over 1000 social media subscribers to receive free products to review. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 803-754-7577 and ask to speak with Scott or email

Thanks for joining Team Blythewood Bee Company!

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