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Professional Bee Removal Services

Serving South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

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My name is Scott Derrick and I am the owner of Blythewood Bee Company Removal Service. We have been performing live honeybee removal for over 14 years. Let us solve your bee problem.


We have experience with all types of honey bee removals. We will carefully remove the bees from your property.

Service Areas

We a fully licensed and insured company performing live honey bee removals in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

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Contact us today to safely remove your honey bees from your property. We are here to help you!

Why Live Bee Removal?

Colony Collapse Disorder

The honeybee is an extraordinarily important part of our agricultural world. The honeybee is directly responsible for many fruits and vegetables

that we eat every day. This is a large reason we do live honey bee removals. The honeybee is already endangered by many diseases and pests. The most recent

is known as Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. Please Assist us in helping honeybees live.

We charge for removal but the fee is based on the complexity of the job. Live honey bee removal fees range from $350 for basic removal to $550. More can be charged for highly complex removals.

Honey Bee Swarms that land on branches or that are easily accessible are removed for $25 to $100 depending on the height and location in SC. Fee structure will vary for swarms located in NC or GA.

Most “swarm ball” removals that are located locally in Columbia, West Columbia, Lexington, Blythewood, or Lugoff Elgin SC are removed for free.

The distance from the ground cannot exceed 20 feet for the service to be performed for free. Of course donations are accepted, but not required.