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Honeybee Removal Pricing

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Below is a list of the bee removal services we provide and a price list along with our written guarantee. Most of our bee removal services will never go above the base price. However, additional charges may be added to the base price for travel distances in excess of 200 miles and for any equipment rental (scaffolding, boom/scissor lifts) that may be needed for bee removal services that are generally over 25 feet high.

Removal Price & Service Performed

$550.00 to $750.00 / LIVE HONEYBEE REMOVAL

  1. Determining the exact location of the colony in the wall, ceiling, floor, overhang, or other possible voids which may be suitable for a honey bee colony.
  2. Gaining access to the colony/void by cutting through the walls, ceiling, sheetrock, or by removing boards, siding, or other building materials.
  3. Removing the colony. To include removing the bees, honeycomb, honey, and wax from the void.
  4. Sealing the entry point thereby preventing future honey bee swarms from establishing a new colony in the same location.
  5. Cleans the work area that either matches or exceeds the original state of the work area prior to beginning our work.
  6. Ensure customer satisfaction. Blythewood Bee Company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and is often willing to adjust these specifications if it is within reason and so desired by the customer.

We are also fully licensed and insured.

Commercial Property/Industrial Facilities

$900.00 to $2550.00

Blythewood Bee Company guarantees that a new honey bee colony will not return to the exact location from where we removed the colony. Blythewood Bee Company reserves the right to withhold this guarantee if preventing bees from returning is impossible or impractical. If this situation should arise, Blythewood Bee Company shall inform the customer prior to beginning the removal, and the withholding of any guarantee shall be noted in writing on the invoice.

Blythewood Bee Company is fully licenced and insured. This is very important for you and the person that steps foot on your property to perform work. A worker that IS NOT insured can actually sue you for any sort of injury that occurs on your property if he or she is hurt in any way.

Hornets & Yellow Jackets Bee Removal Services


We do not save hornets and yellow jackets nests. They are destroyed and removed. If the bees are in the ground, we will destroy and dig up the nest where possible.


$ 1500 (for 2,500 sqft home)

Bee-proofing is a somewhat new concept that is gaining popularity across the country. Bee-proofing is where we will “bee proof” you home and issue you a letter guaranteeing that your home will be “bee proof” for 5 years. We do not recommend this to all of our customers. However, it is a useful service if your home has several honey bee colonies, or if your home is repeatedly being infested with honey bees.

Generally, we will waive the bee removal fee for two honey bee colonies if you chose to bee-proof your home. Bee proofing only applies to honey bees, hornets, and yellow jackets on the inside of your house. External nests or colonies do not apply to this guarantee.

Call (803) 402-4192