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ID Your Bees

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It’s Important To Identify Your Bee Prior To Calling.

It is extraordinarily important that you do you best to ID your bees you have prior to our arrival at your facility. In order to give you an accurate estimate please take the time to look at the bees that you have and compare them to the bees on the page below. If you have a problem identifying your bee, please send us a photo. You can also text a photo to 803-600-3737 if you like. Please include all your contact information if you text photos.

Blythewood Bee Company has been removing honeybees from structures for over 14 years and has performed 1800 bee removal over the years. We have encountered about every type of removal you can image and will help you solve your honey bee problem.

Digger Bee
Bumble Bee
Carpenter Bee
Paper Wasp
Yellow Jacket
Bald Faced Hornet
Honey Bee