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Bee Hive Frames Unassembled - 10 Frame Beehive Woodenware


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Start Your Beehive with High-Grade Commercial 10-Frame Beehive Woodenware

Features of our Bee Hive Frames Unassembled (10 Frame):

  • Constructed from durable yellow pine
  • Commercial grade with tight knots and cracks
  • Box joints ensure a perfect fit
  • Available in Deep, Medium, or Shallow options
  • Recessed handles for convenient transportation


Kick off your beehive adventure with our superior 10 Frame Beehive Woodenware, crafted from commercial-grade yellow pine for enhanced strength and stability. The presence of tight knots and cracks ensures optimal protection for your hive. Recessed handles facilitate easy transportation with minimal disturbance to your bees. Assembly is available for all boxes at just $3.00 per box.

Check out our variety of brood chambers, including 5-frame brood chambers and unassembled 8-frame brood chambers. We also provide fully assembled brood chambers in both 10-frame and 8-frame options.

Get started on your beehive journey with our exceptional commercial-grade 10-frame beehive woodenware today!