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4 3/4" Shallow Thin Surplus Foundation | 10 Sheets


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Product Description:

Enhance your beekeeping experience with our 4 3/4" Shallow Thin Surplus Foundation, specifically designed for efficient and high-quality comb honey production. This foundation stands out as the thinnest available, making it ideal for use in various honey harvesting systems. Whether you're an amateur beekeeper or a seasoned professional, this foundation offers convenience and reliability for your honey production needs.

Notice: We do not recommend shipping wax below 32 degrees. When placing an order for this product, if you request shipment when weather conditions are less than favorable,  you agree to assume responsibility if damage occurs.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Thickness:** At 4 3/4 inches, this is the thinnest foundation available, tailored for producing high-quality comb honey.
  •  *Versatile Compatibility:** Ideal for use with the Ross Round system or traditional frames, providing flexibility in your beekeeping approach.
  • *Designed for Comb Honey:** Perfectly suited for producing comb honey, whether using standard frames or a comb cutter.
  • Frame Compatibility:** For optimal results, use with a wedged top bar and grooved bottom bar.
  • Enhanced Stability:** Can be used with support pins for added stability, ensuring the foundation remains intact during honey production.
  • Bee-Friendly Material:** Made with materials safe for bees, contributing to a healthy and productive hive environment.


  • Ease of Use:** Simplifies the process of comb honey production, ideal for both beginners and experienced beekeepers.
  • High-Quality Honey:** Thin foundation allows for the production of superior quality comb honey, preferred by consumers.
  • Adaptable Design:** Compatible with various systems and frames, offering flexibility in your beekeeping practices.
  • Durable and Stable:** Designed to maintain its integrity during honey extraction, reducing the risk of damage to the comb.

Perfect for beekeepers looking to produce comb honey with efficiency and ease, our 4 3/4" Shallow Thin Surplus Foundation is a must-have addition to your beekeeping supplies. Experience the difference in your honey production with this top-quality foundation.