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4 3/4" Shallow Thin Surplus Foundation | 50 Sheets


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Ultra-Thin Beehive Foundation for Comb Honey Production

Discover the pinnacle of beekeeping efficiency with our Ultra-Thin Beehive Foundation, expertly crafted for producing premium comb honey. Whether you're a seasoned apiarist or a hobbyist, this foundation is an indispensable component in your beekeeping arsenal.

Notice: We do not recommend shipping wax below 32 degrees. When placing an order for this product, if you request shipment when weather conditions are less than favorable,  you agree to assume responsibility if damage occurs.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Thin Design:** At just 5.00 inches, our foundation is meticulously designed to be the thinnest in the market, ensuring ease of handling and optimal honeycomb development.
  • Versatile Compatibility:** Perfectly suited for the Ross Round system Ceracell System or standard frames, this foundation offers flexibility for various beekeeping methods.
  • Enhanced Honey Production:** The ultra-thin structure aids in producing high-quality comb honey, perfect for commercial sale or personal consumption.
  • Optimal Frame Fit:** For best results, use with a wedged top bar and grooved bottom bar, allowing for seamless integration into your existing beehive setup.
  • Xtra Stability Option:** Incorporate support pins for added stability, ensuring the foundation remains intact and secure within the hive.


  • Maximized Honey Yield:** By facilitating the natural honeycomb-building process, beekeepers can expect an increased yield of pure, unprocessed honey.
  • Easy Harvesting:** The thin design simplifies the extraction process, making it easier Sustainable Beekeeping:** This foundation promotes healthy bee colony growth, contributing to sustainable beekeeping practices.
  • Time and Cost Efficient:** Reduces the time and resources needed for comb honey production, offering a practical solution for beekeepers.

Elevate your beekeeping experience with our Ultra-Thin Beehive Foundation, a blend of functionality, durability, and efficiency. It is ideal for both commercial and recreational beekeepers aiming for high-quality comb honey production.