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5-Gallon Honey Bucket with Gate - Convenient Honey Storage


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This 5-gallon Honey Bucket With Gate Is Perfect For Controlled Honey Transfer


  • HDPE plastic material
  • Adjustable scissor gate
  • Tight-fitting lid included
  • Semi-reinforced design

Convenient Honey Storage with our 5-Gallon Honey Bucket


Our new 5-gallon honey bucket with gate makes pouring and transferring honey between containers a cinch. Fitted for your convenience to a 5-gallon plastic bucket, you can fill your honey jars and bottles cleanly and simply with minimum effort. The gate is adjustable, and the honey bucket is reinforced where the bucket attaches. In addition, 5-gallon buckets are great for storing honey before bottling it. The buckets we sell have attached handles, making it easy to transfer your honey from place to place. Our buckets also come with a plastic lid to ensure your honey remains secure if you’re storing it, and to keep honey from sloshing out when you’re moving it around.

We also sell a regular 5-gallon honey bucket, which is ideal for storage. And check out our 5-gallon honey bucket lid tool that you can use to easily remove lids from 5-gallon buckets.

Weight 3.0 lbs

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in