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7 Frame Spacer Tool - 8F To 7F Spacer


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Make Uncapping Straightforward With This Plastic 7-frame Spacer Tool


  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Designed for precision spacing of 7 frames in an 8-frame super
  • Brightly colored


When it comes to setting up your frames, spacing is crucial. Our plastic 7-frame spacer tool is used to accurately and evenly space frames in an 8-frame super. This gives your bees just the right amount of space between each frame, preventing them from wasting energy on building excess comb. It also makes uncapping honey easier, as the cappings protrude beyond the edges of the frames, so you can cut off solid sheets of cappings, and not leave low areas.

This 7-frame spacer tool works great with any of our 8-frame hives. If you’re looking for further additions to your beekeeping arsenal, check out our multi-use 2-in-1 frame lifter and scraper.


Weight .25 lbs

Dimensions 13.75 × 3.75 × 1 in