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8oz Honey Bear With Flip Top Lid - Double Label Panel


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Store Your Honey In Style With This Cute 8oz Honey Bear Honey Jar


  • 8oz volume
  • Square Panel On Front And Back For Labels
  • Clear PET plastic
  • Flip-top cap


Give your product a facelift with this 8oz honey bear jar. Its flat panel on front and back allows for personalized , and its foam-lined, no-mess lid prevents sticky hands and benchtop mess. This honey bear, with flip-top cap, makes an adorable guard for your precious honey. Customers should note that honey is not included.

If you're interested in honey production, check out our honey harvesting starter kit. It has everything you'll need to start producing your own delicious natural honey. If you're already a seasoned honey producer, but are looking for ways to make your process more efficient, check out our radial electronic honey extractors.


1 Dozen
Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 6 in

1 Ea
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 3 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
customer service

Wow. 3 bad reviews and no positive. I mean BAD reviews, and you don't even bother to off up an explanation in response. I hope you have a day time job because you are not going to make it in the beekeeping supply business if you have this attitude.

Gary Clements

These are 12 ozs by weight, not 8 oz, and worse, the safety seal caps are defective. The inner seal is dried out and will not adhere to the top of the bottle. I called em but could not receive a refund. They also said all their current cap supply was the same so sending replacement caps was not an option.

Russ Koopman

I ordered 8 oz. and you sent 12 oz. I don't sell 12 oz and don't have a label for them so I'll just use them when we gift honey to friends and relatives I guess. I emailed you but never got a response back.

Descent for the price if they worked!

Good value, a little stiff but my problem is the safety seal doesn't stick! Tried many different containers over the years with no problem.