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Beehive Plastic Foundation - Acorn Deep Foundation Heavy Waxed (100 Count)

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Acorn Triple-Waxed Plastic Foundation: Best-selling & High-quality

The Best-selling Plastic Foundation on the Market Today

Features of our Heavy Waxed Beehive Plastic Foundation

  • Heavy wax coating for quick colony acceptance
  • Available in Black or White Foundation
  • 100 Sheets Per Box
  • High-quality plastic material
  • Precision molded cells for a better honeycomb structure
  • Super-rigid non-warping technology


Acorn triple-waxed plastic foundation is the ultimate choice for beekeepers seeking the best foundation for their hive. With deeper and more defined cells than the competition, our foundation allows your bees to build a strong honeycomb structure. The heavy wax coating ensures that your colonies take to the foundation quickly and effortlessly. All Acorn Plastic Foundations feature an optional breakaway communication hole, enabling easy movement among the frames.

Choose your preferred color at checkout and give your hive the strong foundation it deserves.

Weight: 50 lbs