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Apple Wood Pellets for Smoker Fuel 5LBS Pellets

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Use Our Apple Wood Pellets for Smoker Fuel to Keep Those Smokers Burning

Features of Apple Wood Pellets:

  • Compressed wood pellets
  • 4lb volume
  • Includes 4mm thick resealable storage bag

Use of Apple Wood Pellets for Smoker Fuel:

Our premium apple wood pellets for smoker fuel is ideal for any beekeeper. If you are sick of lighting and relighting your smoker every fifteen minutes, or running out of fuel before you’ve finished inspecting your hive, then this is the fuel for you. The compressed wooden pellets will give you hours of pure clean smoke for calming your honeybee colony, with no ingredients that would hurt the bees. We recommend using a small propane torch to light your wood pellets.

If you’re wondering why we advise using smoke with bees, it’s because the predominant mode of communication for bees is their sense of smell. Whenever there is an intruder near the hive, the bees secrete alarm pheromones, Isopentyl acetate, and 2-heptanone. When a beekeeper smokes out the hive, the bees sense and interpret the smoke as being indicative of a forest fire. The bees realize that they must abandon their home and search for a new one or perish in the fire. Their natural reaction to this threat is to store up as much honey in their bodies as they can, which will help them build a new home somewhere else. It takes approximately 8 pounds of honey for bees to make a pound of wax. Hence, they gorge on the honey and, much like humans who are stuffed with food, it makes them lethargic and calm; far too slow to attack and sting.

Our applewood smoker fuel works great in conjunction with our stainless steel beekeeping smoker. We also sell cotton smoker circles for an even longer burn.


Weight 4.0 lbs

Dimensions 9 × 8 × 6 in