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Ceracell Top Feeder "Center Cap"


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Elevate Your Beekeeping with the Ceracell Top Feeder "Center Cap"

Beekeeping is both a science and an art, and every detail matters in the care of your precious hive. The Ceracell Top Feeder "Center Cap" is a game-changing addition to your beekeeping toolkit, designed to make feeding your bees more efficient, convenient, and precise.

Features of Ceracell Top Feeder "Center Cap" :

  • Durable Food Grade Plastic
  • Slits At Bottom To Allow Syrup To Enter Center Chimney.
  • Locking Taps To Keep Cap In Place


This Ceracell chimney cap is used in the Ceracell 8 and 10 Frame Feeders on the center chimney. This cover protects bee from being able to have complete access to the feeder. For dry feeding remove cap from center chimney and allow bees to have full access to feeder area.


Weight .50 lbs

Dimensions 9 × 8 × 6 in