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Ceracell VarroaMite Test Bottle

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Check out the newest and most complete Ceracell Varroa Mite Test Kit on the market today. If you've used Varroa Easy Check by VetoPharma then you'll truly appreciate the improved functionality of Ceracell's newest creation. Alcohol wash is the most proven and accurate way to test your Varroa Mite load in your hive. This new product is not only the most the easiest and most efficient way to test for Varroa Mites in your hive. You'll love easy use and compact design.

Ceracell VarroaMite Test Bottle: Monitor Varroa Mite Infestations


  • Includes 1/2 Cup Measure Which Fits Inside Kit After Use.
  • Lid Seals Tight Keeping Liquid From Leaking.
  • Lid Has Three "Clamps" That Hold Lid To Base Tightly.
  • The Basket Has A Handle That Makes Removal Very Easy
  • Basket Also Has An Integrated Hook So Basket Can Rest On Mail Bee Can Drain And Mites Can Accurately
Dimensions: H:4.5in x W:3.75 x L:3.75 Weight: 4.8