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9 1/8 Assembled Deep Frames - Acorn Foundation - Black - 10 PACK

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Ready-to-Use Bee Frames Fitted with Acorn Foundation: Beekeeping Made Easy

Product Overview

Immerse yourself in the ease of beekeeping with our Ready-to-Use Bee Frames, fitted with Acorn Foundation! Crafted to provide beekeepers with maximum efficiency and convenience, these frames come in a variety of sizes - large 9-1/8” and small 6-1/4”, with the choice of heavy and extra heavy wax. Prepare yourself for an abundant honey collection season and get ready to hear the satisfying hum of success!


  • Equipped with Acorn foundation for maximum ease
  • Presented in large 9-1/8" and small 6-1/4" sizes
  • Choice of heavy or extra heavy wax
  • Small size comes with 50 sturdy wooden frames per box
  • Large size features 30 robust wooden frames per box

Each of our Acorn Frames is covered with the highest quality beeswax, promising durability and long-lasting service. Opt for our Ready-to-Use Bee Frames fitted with Acorn Foundation and transform your beekeeping journey!