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5 5/8 Medium Thin Surplus Foundation | 400 Sheets


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5-5/8 Thin Surplus Foundation for Exceptional Comb Honey Production: 

Product Description

Introducing the slimmest foundation on the market, specifically designed for efficient comb honey production. This versatile foundation is ideal for use with the Ross Round system or standard frames in combination with a comb cutter. For top-notch results, we recommend utilizing a wedged top bar and a grooved bottom bar. To enhance stability, support pins can be added when necessary.

Notice: We do not recommend shipping wax below 32 degrees. When placing an order for this product, if you request shipment when weather conditions are less than favorable, you agree to assume responsibility if damage occurs.


  • Thinnest foundation available for premium comb honey production
  • Compatible with both Ross Round system, Ceracell Round Comb System and standard frames
  • Optimized for use with wedged top bar and grooved bottom bar
  • Support pins can be added for extra stability
  • Designed for 6 5/8" Hive Bodies and 6 1/4" Frames

Experience the difference in your comb honey production with our ultra-slim foundation. Order now and elevate your beekeeping game!