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Extra Long Ventilated Beekeeping Gloves


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Protect Your Hands With These Extra Long Vented Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves


  • Made from high-quality goatskin
  • Extra Long heavy canvas upper glove to protect your arms
  • Elastic band on upper glove to ensure a secure fit
  • Nylon vent to allow air flow while protecting from stings.
  • Blythewood Bee Company logo on knuckle


    Our extra-long vented goatskin beekeeping gloves are the best money can buy. These soft-to-touch gloves are as tough as any animal , but allow flexibility and suppleness that make them ideal for working in your hive. These gloves will protect you from any stings, scrapes, and scratches while allowing you to feel the honeybees under your fingers. This way, you can avoid accidentally harming any of your bees while you work. Our gloves also feature a rugged nylon knitted vent to allow for airflow on those hot summer days.