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Ceracell Hive Defender Bottom Board With Blocker - 8-Frame


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Available Now!! The All-New Hive Defender Bottom Board

Experience the pinnacle of beehive technology with our newly designed Hive Defender Floor. This innovative floor (bottom board) offers enhanced ventilation and doubles as a wasp trap. Enjoy the perks of plastic molding and the ultimate defense against wasps and robbing bees. It's the upgrade every beekeeper needs!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Hive Defender Bottom Board - 8-Frame Hive Size
  • 1 x Floor base
  • 1 x Front adapter plate
  • 1 x Ventilation slider
  • 1 x Wasp Trap
  • 1 x Beast Blocker

We're thrilled to launch this product after three years of dedicated development. Now it's ready to offer your beehives the best protection against hornets, wasps, robbing bees, and more. It's an economical solution, entirely natural, and chemical-free!

The Hive Defender® exploits the natural instincts of hornets, wasps, and robbing bees, attracting them to a trap located beneath the vented floor. The Ceracell Beast Blocker®, mounted on your hive's front entrance, virtually seals off their main access point, compelling these pests to seek an alternate route — leading them straight into our trap!

The Hive Defender® doesn't just trap these pests; it also helps eliminate their colonies over time. By using the Hive Defender®, you are cleaning up the neighborhood and making life easier for your bees.

But that's not all — the Hive Defender® is also designed to catch robbing bees. As the name implies, these thieves search for an easy, safe way into the hive. The Hive Defender® interrupts their waggle dance, thereby effectively halting robbing behavior.

* Note: Optional White or Black, depending on availability. Super and other hive components not included.