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Screened Bottom Board | With Insert


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Protect Your Hive With This Screened Beehive Bottom Board.

Improve hive ventilation and mite control with our screened bottom board. Find durability and convenience with our screen bottom boards. Made in USA.

Features of our Screened Bottom Board (With Insert):

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Insert - Stick Board Included
  • Made with galvanized mesh wire
  • Available for 5-frame, 8-frame, and 10-frame hives


Our screened bottom board is perfect for temperature control during climate changes and provides assistance with pest management. A bottom board acts as the floor of your hive. By using a screened bottom board instead of a solid one, you allow varroa mites to fall through the screen without risking intruders from other hives entering your hive. In this way, the screened bottom board provides a proven means of non-chemical pest control. The mesh screen also allows for superior ventilation, ensuring that your bees are happy and healthy at all times.

If you are looking for a solid bottom board instead, we carry a line of top-quality Solid Beehive Bottom Boards as well. We also sell wire mesh separately; just in case you need to perform any running repairs on your screened bottom board.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Joseph Rampata Jr
Bottom Boards

I us screened in bottom boards on all my hives and Nucs your board fit well.

Kevin Musick
8 frame screened bottom boards

Have ordered these in the past from other companies, yours by far are better quality at a reasonable price!

Thomas Hatley

Screen Bottom Boards WITH INSERT

John Seibert
Mixed Reaction

Design was good but poorly executed. Bottom board had a good landing board, and insert slides nicely into bottom board from the rear. However, the combination of light pine wood and fastened with a single power stapler results in a weak joint. When shipped together in a configuration that they stressed each other, a stapled joint pulled out - including pulling the screen out from the metal flashing. I needed to disassemble the insert, put the screen under the flashing, and glue and screw the joint together. I would have paid more for better quality.

Neil Griffin
Bottom Boards

Five stars as always! You fulfilled my order quickly and accurately. Thank you so much!

Neil Griffin