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Small Nuc Box Circular Metal Beehive Entrance Disc


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Regulate the hive entrance and prevent unwanted intruders with our Small NUC Box Circular Metal beehive entrance disc. Ensure hive security!

Be the Traffic Commander of Your Hive With This Circular Metal Beehive Entrance Disc

Detailed view of our Circular Metal Beehive Entrance Disc:

  • Measures 2.5 Inches In Circumference
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • It has four adjustable functions
  • Screw mountable


Control the traffic in and out of your hive with this circular metal beehive entrance disc. This multi-use tool has four adjustable functions. You can have open access or closed completely. You can also use the queen excluder function or allow for ventilation only. This entrance disc is easy to mount with a screw and gives you total control over the comings and goings of your hive.

We also carry a plastic version of this circular metal entrance disc. If you’re looking for a more substantial solution to your hive traffic issue, check out our Langstroth Beehive Entrance Reducer.


Weight .0.03 lbs

Dimensions 2 5/8 × 2 5/8  × .1 in