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Super DFM Microbial's Packet Single - 10 Hive Treatment

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Boost Your Bees’ Digestive Health With Super DFM Honeybee Probiotic


  • 100g volume
  • Contains lactic acid bacteria, beneficial emzymes, and yeast
  • Aids natural bacterial balance in gut
  • Microbial supplement that boosts health and prevents disease


Super DFM honeybee probiotic is a specially formulated microbial supplement designed to help restore the natural bacterial balance in the gut of honeybees. The microflora bacteria in the supplement are naturally occurring, and essential for breaking down food and assisting the absorption of nutrients. Due to a combination of lactic acid bacteria, beneficial enzymes, and yeast, your bees will be at their optimal health to resist disease, expand the colony, and be happy and vigorous workers. The yeast will also help synthesize super-beneficial B-vitamins. You can use Super DFM in the spring to restore and recover the probiotics after winter confinement.

In the fall, use Super DFM to develop winter bees and resist problems from the lengthy confinement. At any point in the beekeeping season, bees may be exposed to stressful conditions, often as a result of disruptions from the outside environment, or habitat changes. Super DFM can also be used to counter those stresses and restore bee health. Simple mix 10g of Super DFM with a cup of powdered sugar, and spread over the top bars of the frames in each section of the brood nest. Repeat for each hive.

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10 Hive Treatment
Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in