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Honey-B-Gone Is The Best Honey Bee Repellant On The Market!

Clears Supers Fast!

If you’ve used Bee Quick, Honey Robber, Bee-Go or any of the other bee repellant on the market to clear supers to gather your honey, you’re gonna love Honey-B-Gone.

We created Honey-B-Gone about 4 years ago with one thing in mind. We wanted to improve not only on the strength of the products that were comparable but wanted to improve the packaging. We’ve been contacted by bee removal experts that were tired of the “high mist sprayers”. These sprayers didn’t allow them to direct a stream of repellant in the area needed to keep honey bees from running away from them.

We made sure we listen to their feedback and give them what they needed. We just package 8oz of product like Bee Quick or Bee-Go! We packaged our product in 16oz spray bottles with an adjustable trigger sprayer.

Not only that but we sell 16ozs of product for $19.95 instead of $14.95 to $15.95 like Bee-Quick. You’re getting twice as much for your money over Bee Quick. Not only that be you can adjust the amount you spray on your fume board or area of bee removal.

Honey-B-Gone Is Non-Toxic and All Natural. So it won’t harm or disorient your bees when you use it to clear honey supers.

Honey-B-Gone is now available in 8oz, 16oz, 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon containers. 55 gallons Drums Available Upon Request.

How Honey-B-Gone Works

Honey-B-Gone is made of natural oils that bees just don’t like. When you spray Honey-B-Gone on a fume board or apply it to an area you are doing a bee removal from, the honey bees flee! They just can’t stand the smell at all.

Honey-B-Gone is used by beekeepers running 1 hive to 100 hives to assist in harvesting honey without killing bees. Many of the product on the market today are made from Butyric Acid and smell horrible and won’t come off your hands for day when you get it on them. Not our product. It has a pleasant smell much like almonds or cherries.

Try Honey-B-Gone Today!

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General Questions About Honey-B-Gone: Honey Bee Repellant

Which Natural Oils are Typically Used in Honey-B-Gone, and How Do They Repel Bees?

Honey-B-Gone likely contains oils like peppermint, citronella, or eucalyptus. These oils disrupt bees' pheromone communication, making the treated areas unpleasant and encouraging them to leave.

How Long Does the Repelling Effect of Honey-B-Gone Last Post-Application?

The effectiveness of Honey-B-Gone varies, typically lasting from hours to days, depending on the oil concentration, application method, and environmental factors such as weather.

Can Honey-B-Gone Be Used in All Weather Conditions, or Are There Limitations?

Honey-B-Gone's efficacy can be affected by weather. Rain may wash away the oils, and wind can disperse the spray, reducing its concentration and effectiveness in target areas.

What Safety Precautions Should Be Considered When Using Honey-B-Gone?

While Honey-B-Gone is non-toxic and natural, it should be used with caution around children and pets. Avoid ingestion and use in well-ventilated areas to prevent irritation from strong scents.

Are There Independent Studies Supporting Honey-B-Gone's Effectiveness and Safety Claims?

No independent studies are mentioned. Consumers should look for references from reputable manufacturers or inquire directly to verify claims based on scientific evidence.

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