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Ceracell 8 Frame Top Feeder

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  • Includes Wooden Support Rim
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Made from 100% food grade plastic
  • Patented special corner access system included (Corner Caps Included)
  • Center Chimney Access Cap Included (8 Frame & 10 Frame Only)
  • Available In 5, 8 and 10 Frame Versions

    Ceracell 8 Frame Top Feeder: Efficient Feeding Solution


    This Ceracell 8 frame top feeder is the no 1 top feeder on the market. Its extra-durable underside ribs are designed for security and strength. You can use it with the corners open, with or without corner caps, or with central access.  The center chimney has holes  in them to allow your honeybees to feed from the chimney area. This gives you 5 areas from which the bees can feed. FANTASTIC!

    Top feeders are great for feeding raw or dry white sugar in the early and midwinter. If you’re feeding in this way, don’t use a “chimney cap”; just let the bees range across the feeder. Raw sugar is considered better, as it has a bit of moisture in it already and the bees can work it and take it up. If using dry white sugar, you may want to add a small damp sponge to the top feeder to give the bees some moisture to work the sugar.

    If this top feeder isn’t what you’re looking for, we sell a Premium Beehive Top Feeder. We also carry a variety of entrance feeders, including the hard-wearing Wooden Boardman Entrance Feeder.

    Check out this video for more information.


    8 Frame
    Weight 6 lbs
    Dimensions 20in × 13.5in × 3in

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    sherri Boles
    8 frame feeder

    A ton of drowned bees. Not sure why.

    Cheryl S.
    ceracell 8 frame top feeder.

    I love this product.
    I prefer internal / covered feeders as opposed to external feeding jars and this is the best I have used.
    Yes you can cut a board put a screen on it and poke holes in a jar but your still going out every day to refill.
    This, this takes it to a whole new level and well worth the price. Arriving mostly assembled. You just snap the corners and center pieces together and you are ready to go.
    The holding tank allows my hive 5 days between refills. in 40 / 50 degree weather. This may be different for you.
    I also like that you can see the bees working it through the transparent colored corner tabs & center.
    I have not had any bee deaths related to this product. I do however have a piss ant problem as they have found a way into the feeder. (they are now floaters). And I have not removed the tabs as they are so secure, I am afraid of breaking them. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You for a wonderful product
    Cheryl S.

    Dominic DeStefano

    Cool feeder, can't wait to set it up!

    Walter Ferguson
    Easy Feeder

    It is so simple to use this feeder. Put it on top of your hive bodies, put in either sugar water or solid feed and you're done. To fill, remove the outer cover, feed and you're done. SIMPLE!

    Stephen Moyer
    Quick shipping at the best price

    Ceracell top feeder is clearly a high quality feeder, I have two other brands from two other major suppliers, and these have quickly become my preferred feeder