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Honey Bee Feeders

Explore the essential range of medications and treatments at Blythewood Bee Company, specifically formulated to maintain the health and vitality of your bee colonies. Our comprehensive collection page provides beekeepers with effective solutions to combat common pests and diseases, ensuring your hives remain strong and productive.


  • Varroa Mite Treatments: Choose from a variety of options to control this pervasive pest, including organic and chemical methods.
  • Nosema Treatments: Effective remedies to combat this intestinal disease that can weaken your colonies.
  • Hive Beetle Traps: Safeguard your hives against hive beetles with our effective and easy-to-use traps.


  • Formulations: Our treatments are available in various forms, including strips, liquids, and powders, to suit different application preferences and hive conditions.
  • Seasonal Preparations: Products are suited for use in different seasons, ensuring year-round protection for your bees.
  • Certified Organic Options: We offer treatments that meet organic beekeeping standards, providing natural options for maintaining hive health.