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Accessories & Tools

Explore the essential collection of honey accessories and tools at Blythewood Bee Company, carefully curated to assist beekeepers in efficiently processing and handling honey. Our collection page features a wide range of tools designed to enhance your honey harvesting and bottling processes, ensuring you get the most out of your beekeeping efforts.


  • Uncapping Tools: Choose from knives, forks, and machines to remove wax caps smoothly and effectively.
  • Extractors: Available in manual and electric models, these tools help you extract honey cleanly and efficiently from the comb.
  • Strainers and Filters: Ensure your honey is pure and free from debris with our various filtering options.


  • Bottling Tools: From simple spouts to sophisticated bottling systems, find the perfect tool to transfer your honey into containers with ease.
  • Storage Solutions: Durable containers and jars designed to store honey safely and maintain its quality.
  • Labeling Supplies: Professional labels and tools to add a finishing touch to your honey jars, enhancing their presentation.
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    Copper Bee Smoker


    Product Description 3.75" x 9" Copper Bee smoker has a black leather bellow and is perfect for those beekeepers who have just a few hives to inspec...

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